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Oregon Eastern Division, Wyoming/Colorado Railroad- Scrapping the Burns Branch

Oregon Eastern Division
WYCO Scrap Trains

Wyoming/Colorado commenced scrapping the Burns branch in late August 1992, about two months after the last train departed Burns. By the spring of 1993 WYCO had removed the 30 miles of rail between Burns and Crane, with the work stopping after Union Pacific filed a lawsuit to block further salvage operations. The suit settlement allowed WYCO to salvage the entire line west of Milepost 78, which lay about four miles west of Juntura. WYCO hired A&K Railroad Materials to handle the salvage operations on that section, with WYCO's #6083 being used on the scrap trains.

The morning of 29 January 1994 finds the last WYCO train ever operated west of Celatom crossing the fifth bridge over the Malheur River at milepost 61.7, near Jonesboro. The train will operate to the end of track beyond Juntura, where it will spend the next two days getting loaded before returning to the temporary storage yard at Celatom. Wayne Monger photo.

The last WYCO train to ever go west of Celatom is seen here curving along the Malheur River at milepost 51, on the final approach to the Namorf siding. Wayne Monger photo.

The last WYCO train has paused at Namorf to switch some cars in their train around so that the loading of scrap rail at the end of track beyond Juntura can be expedited. Wayne Monger photo.