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Oregon Eastern Division, Wyoming/Colorado Railroad- Empty Roadbed

Oregon Eastern Division
Empty Roadbed

Geoffrey Barnes has photographed parts of the abandoned roadbed between Celatom and Burns since the end of operations. Some of his work is displayed below.

Burns, OR, in April 2005. The UP/WYCO yard tracks once occupied the gravelled area.

Juntura, OR, June 2003.

Riverside, OR, April 2005. The old grade runs from the camera towards the white house and enters the canyon to the right.

Dunnean, OR, April 2005.

Ford, OR, April 2005.

The grade passes through Tunnel #6-03 (one of two tunnels on the line), passes under Highway 20, and crosses the Malheur River on Bridge #9 east of Juntura.

A close up of the stenciling on Bridge #9.