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Paul Novarese and David Kudrav present... Train pictures!

Railroad pictures from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and beyond

Tuscaloosa Area Maps

These maps should assist in finding your way arround Tuscaloosa to railfan. These maps are from Vicinity and we figure our use is offset by our advertisement for them (Vicinity: The official map of Railroad Pictures from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and beyond). If they (Vicinity) feel otherwise, we'll gladly remove all maps and positive reference to them and replace it with something more negative.

The maps have been modified to reflect points of railfan interest and to update track ownership information (Note to Vicinity: maybe you want to update who owns what tracks in your database).

Without further a-due (sp?!):

This map shows the center and west of Tuscaloosa. The NS main line runs from east to south on the map. KCS tracks run all over (but some shown on map are abandon).
The track on the left, above the words "Culver RD" and "Clinton Dr" are the Goodyear leed. The KCS main runs from the right (east) across 26th AVE, and north, across the river, then west again.
The track at the very bottom, nearest the interstate is KCS track; it runs to Tuscaloosa Warehouse and ends (begins abandonment). The track to it's left is the NS main.
The track north of University Blvd. is abandon and mostly removed from 26th ave all the way to Holt (the area of track near the river in the upper right of the map).
The interlock is below the I-359 label.
Below the words "Alabama Great" are two tracks---the top is KCS mainline, the bottom is NS mainline.
The KCS yard is between 15th St. and the river and between 32nd Ave and 28th Ave (26th is labeled). The Norfolk Southern yard is just right of 24th Ave, right next to the I-359 marker.

This map shows the east-center of Tuscaloosa. At the right edge, the KCS main line is on the upper center edge. The NS main is in the bottom right corner.
In the upper right corner, that mess of tracks is either owned by KCS, Tuscaloosa Steel, or has been abandon... The tracks have been abandon and removed (mostly) above and left of the words "River Road NE". At the + below these words a connecting track has been built allowing the abandonment of the track on the left side of the +. The abandon tracks used to run through campus all the way to the KCS yard, west of 26th ave.
Most of the abandon track roadbed can still be clearly seen; a good portion of which is walkable (or, for the adverturous, drivable). The drivable/walkable part is east of campus, begining near Bryce Hospital (psychiatric); he roadbed is often in place, and ties can occationally be seen, either in the ground, or rotting in stacks. The former track can also be walked from 24th street west to Capitol Park (not on map, but right were the KCS main, Goodyear leed, and abandon segment come together).

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