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Paul Novarese and David Kudrav present... Train pictures!

Railroad pictures from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and beyond

Western Motive Power

See also BNSF page.

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Two former Southern Pacific, now Union Pacific, locos in Tuscaloosa, near the Amtrak station on NS tracks. The first loco is a dash-7, the second is a "tunnel motor", used out west in mountains and tunnels; it's lashed to the front of a train at the bottom of the mountain to provide extra horsepower to make it over the mountain and has special ventalation for inside of tunnels--why it's here in middle (flat) Alabama we'll never know.

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Union Pacific equipment often runs over NS's tracks on joint UP/NS trains--same deal with the KCS/NS trains (see KCS section). This UP engine was the lead unit on a mixed freight--the second and third loco's are the two SP's pictured above.

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This UP loco is sandwiched between an NS and an SP locomotive. This is at the 10th Ave crossing in Tuscaloosa. Sorry for the somewhat poor picture quality.

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UP lead unit coal train going through Chase (Huntsville) Alabama In the background is the North Alabama Railroad Museum, operators of the Mercury and Chase Railroad.

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Another UP locomotive at Chase, passing the musuem. This loco is in Operation Lifesaver paint.

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Vandalized? Sort of. This was seen on the locomotive durring the UP Meltdown Crisis. The photo was taken at NS's Sheffield Yard in Sheffield, Alabama.

The NS Carman in the photo just finished fixing a brake problem about 12 cars back on this train.

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An ex-BN locomotive on NS's main line... this locomotive has been repainted by it's current owner--KCS. It doesn't really belong on this page, but here it is.

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A DM&E train seen in... Minnesota? Yes. My brother Mark snapped this photo for me on a trip he took.

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The second locomotive on a DM&E train. Photo by Mark Kudrav.

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