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Sam Houston Mint Car Car

The Sam Houston Mint Car is a is a Lionel mint car (6445 postwar style) and features a metal frame, couplers, diecast sprung trucks, and No. 8900 reporting mark. The "1838" number at the center of the car commemorates the year that Houston was the Capitol of the Republic of Texas. The car is decorated in our red, white and blue "Lone Star"© paint scheme. The letters "HTOS" are displayed on one end of the car, while the words "Houston Tinplate Operators Society" appear on the opposite end. A small image of Texas is painted on the side of the car with a star marking the location of Houston.

Clear windows protect the "gold bullion" and a replica of a Republic of Texas "Three Dollar Bill" from thieves. Also, included with each car is a short history of the Republic of Texas and its currency.

The HTOS mint car was limited to 250 cars.

This car is sold out!
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