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Tickets - Irish Narrow Gauge

Irish Narrow Gauge - Tickets


!? Tickets

Company Issuing Station Destination Type Fare
1-jb C.D.R.J.C. Donegal   Platform One penny.
0045jb C.D.R.J.C. Castlefinn Letterkenny Single 2s. 11d.
0207jb C.D.R.J.C. Dromore Ballyshannon Second Class Return 1/11
0208jb C.D.R.J.C. Strabane - Third Class Privilege  
0237a C.D.R.J.C. Inver Donegal Second Class Single 1/3
0248jb C.D.R.J.C. Clar (K) Donegal Third Class Return 0s. 8d.
0522jb C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny _ Bicycle Return (Not over 25 Miles) 1s. 8d.
0564jb C.D.R.J.C. Inver Derry Third Class Return 13s. 6d.
0614a C D R J C Liscooley Castlefin Second Class 7d.
0620jb C.D.R.J.C. Killygordon Dublin (A.St) Third Class Return 39s. 4d.
0654jb C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny Dundalk Third Class Return 31s. 2d.
0663jb C.D.R.J.C. Ballintra Ballyshannon Second Class Return 2s. 3d.
0683a C.D.R.J.C. Killybegs Dooran Road Return 2s. 1d.
0688a C.D.R.J.C. Barnesmore Donegal Third Class Return 1s.1d.
0726a C.D.R.J.C. Dooran Road Dunkineely Third Class Return 1s. 4d.
0787a C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny Dundalk Junct. Third Class 20s.11d.
0873jb C.D.R.J.C. Castlefinn Rossnowlagh Third Class Day Trip (return)  
0926jb C.D.R.J.C. Killybegs Bruckless Third Class Return 0s. 11d.
0936a C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny Belfast First Class 18s. 8d.
0994jb C.D.R.J.C. Cavan Halt (D) Strabane Third Class Return 2s. 9d.
1032a C.D.R.J.C. Dunkineely Ardara Road Third Class Return 0s. 11d (1/1)
1032jb C.D.R.J.C. Derg Bridge Stranorlar Third Class Return 1s. 6d.
1159jb C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny Monaghan (Via Portadown) Third Class Return 27s. 8d.
1159jc C.D.R.J.C. Rossnowlagh (A) Bridgetown Second Class Return 1s. 4d.
1174a C.D.R.J.C. Lifford Convoy Third Class Return 2s.3d.
1212jb C.D.R.J.C. Ballyshannon Creevy Child Second Class Return 5d.
1233a C.D.R.J.C. Convoy Letterkenny Third Class Return 2s.3d.
1302jb C.D.R.J.C. Donegal Dunkineely Bus Exchange Ticket  
1383a C.D.R.J.C. Cornagillagh Strabane Second Class Return 3s.3d.
1428jb C.D.R.J.C. Stranorlar Rossnowlagh Third Class Day Trip (return)  
1453a C.D.R.J.C. Lifford Raphoe Third Class Return 1s.5d.
1522jb C.D.R.J.C. Dooran Road Mountcharles Third Class 0s. 4d.
1710jb C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny Omagh Third Class Return 10s. 11d.
1723jb C.D.R.J.C. Convoy Raphoe Child Second Class 4d.
1794jb C.D.R.J.C. Mullan Buoy (E) Mountcharles Third Class Return 0s. 8d.
1854a C.D.R.J.C. Strabane . Excursion Third Class Return .
1933a C.D.R.J.C. Cornagillagh Strabane Third Class Return 2s.7d.
2148a C.D.R.J.C. Lough Eske . Excursion Third Class .
2206jb C.D.R.J.C. Lough Eske Mountcharles Third Class 0s. 11d.
2247a C.D.R.J.C. Stranorlar Rossnowlagh Excursion Second Class Return .
2378a C.D.R.J.C. Stranorlar Strabane Second Class Single 2s 6d
2596jb C.D.R.J.C. Donegal _ Bicycle Return  
3167a C.D.R.J.C. Raphoe . Second Class Return /
3255jb C.D.R.J.C. Stranorlar Londonderry Second Class Excursion (return)  
3294a C.D.R.J.C. Killybegs Ardara Road Third Class Return 0s 8d
3328a C.D.R.J.C. Strabane Stranorlar Second Class 2s 6d
3581a C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny Cornagillagh Third Class Return 1s.8d.
3619jb C.D.R.J.C. Killybegs Derry Third Class Return 17s. 1d.
3652jb C.D.R.J.C. Rossnowlagh Clady Third Class Return 1s. 2d.
3754a C.D.R.J.C. Strabane Dunkineely Third Class Return 9s. 4d.
3855jb C.D.R.J.C. Strabane Dunkineely Third Class Return 9s. 4d.
3917a C.D.R.J.C. Stranorlar Killybegs Second Class Return 9s.2d.
4032a C.D.R.J.C. Killygordon Rossnowlagh Excursion Second Class Return 10d
4041a C.D.R.J.C. Stranorlar Killybegs Second Class Return 9s.2d.
4263a C D R J C Stranorlar Derry Second Class 5/9
4462jb C.D.R.J.C. Killygordon Rossnowlagh Second Class Excursion (return)  
4494a C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny . Excursion Third Class Return .
4505a C.D.R.J.C. Castlefinn Donegal Excursion Third Class Return .
4944a C.D.R.J.C. Strabane . Third Class s. d.
5038jb C.D.R.J.C. Ballindrait Strabane Third Class 0s. 4d.
5113a C.D.R.J.C. Castlefinn Rossnowlagh Excursion Third Class Return .
5454a C.D.R.J.C. Stranorlar Mountcharles Third Class Return 4s 2d.
5594jb C.D.R.J.C. Dunkineely Donegal Second Class Return 3s 2d.
5851jb C.D.R.J.C. Ballyshannon _ Bicycle _s. _d.
5921a L.&L.S.RY. Londonderry Burnfoot Third Class Single .
6148jb C.D.R.J.C. Ballyshannon - Bicycle  
6726jb C.D.R.J.C. Castlefinn Derry Third Class 2s. 7d.
6782a C.D.R.J.C. Letterkenny Dublin (A. St.) Excursion Second Class Return 51s.5d.
7393a C.D.R.J.C. Strabane Ballindrait Second Class Return 10d
8703a C.D.R.J.C. Castlefinn Derry Excursion Third Class Return .
8992jb C.D.R.J.C. Mountcharles Dooran Road Third Class Return 0s. 7d.
9761jb C.D.R.J.C. Donegal Belfast Second Class Single 23s. 4d.
9762jb C.D.R.J.C. Donegal Belfast Second Class 23s. 4d.
9771jb C.D.R.J.C. Barnesmore (E) Donegal Third Class Return 1s. 1d.
9845jb C.D.R.J.C. Laghey Donegal Second Class Return 0s. 11d.

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