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What's New Since The Last Time, You Ask?

Current Updates And Additions To This Site

October 14, 2001 - Announcement Of A New Book Featuring INCO's Electrics Written By Dale Wilson. Added 7 More Photos By Ian Harris To The INCO Photo Gallery. Added INCO 208-1 & 208-2 Photos To The Roster Page, Thanks To Mark Perry For The Photos.

April 4, 2001 - Sorry For The Delay In Updates. Completely Updated the Locomotive Roster Page and Included New GP38M-4 Locomotives (#2001-2008) With Photos Of The Ones There Already. Added Information To The Thompson Manitoba Units. Lots Of Retirees, So Get Those Photos Of The Ones Left For They Will Be Gone Soon!

June 27, 2000 - Added Roster Photos To The Locomotive Roster Page For #'s 1, 102, 110 - 118, 120-124, 204 And 206. Changed The Main Picture On The Front Page.

March 5, 2000 - Added More Photos To The Image Gallery (Six (6) More Images Available).

December 12, 1999 - Added Photo Gallery (Seven (7) Images Available). Added link to SSSMRE Limited (Carter Pawlus). Added more information about unit's #101 and #203.

October 14, 1999 - Added more information about units #103-107 to the locomotive roster (Thanks to Kevin Boyd, Mr.R.F.Corley, and Mr.A.A.Nerrilles) and included locomotive listings for INCO Thompson Manitoba Division.

September 1, 1999 - Added more roster photos and new front page look.

August 1, 1999 - Official Launch Of This Site.

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