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Construction & Layout - Summer / Fall 04

Construction & Layout - Summer / Fall 04


The benchwork consists of 1" x 4" pine boards supported by 2" x 2" legs. The top is 1/2" particle board. All connections are made with screws for easy modification if necessary in the future. Another approach I took was to build the layout in sections. Most of the sections are 2' x 4'. Some are larger - 3' x 6'. Each section is secured to the next with screws. This way, the layout can be disassembled and easily managed if it ever needs to be moved. The top is 42 1/2" from the floor.

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The first section is in place.
Another view.
It is finally taking shape.


The layout is starting to take shape. I am using Atlas Right Track software to get the general layout on paper. Next, I set the structures in place to get a feel for how it will look. I am using a pencil to sketch the track plan directly on the wood top. This really shows how it will all go together. If there is anything that I don't like, it is much easier to make a change at this stage.

The problem I ran into before was that I would lay track and set structures (based on the track plan) and then decide that I did not like it. A track plan on paper often does not capture the true feel of the layout. Now I am "test driving" the plan before I lay any roadbed and track.

Setting the buildings in place.
Close up.
Another "test" fit.

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