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Room Expansion - Summer 04

Room Expansion - Summer 04

The original room size was nearly square at approximately 13' x 15'. I tried to squeeze everything into this space, and as can be expected things were tight.

After two attempts at a layout, both being half-baked, I finally realized that the only way to acheive my goal was to expand the room. The small 8' x 11' storage room next door was just what I needed. I tore the wall out in January and spent the spring finishing the new addition off. The final touch was to paint the floor. Heat is from two electric base board heaters. A/C is from an old window unit that I mounted in the long wall. I left the door to the old storage room intact, since it was a little larger, so there are two entrances to the enlarged room. I may close it off in the future.

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(1) View 1 from the corner. (2) View 2 from adjacent corner. (3) View 3 from opposite corner.

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