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Mysore Railway Museum

Mysore Railway Museum

The Museum is open daily except Monday 10AM-1PM and 3PM-5PM. A small entrance fee and camera fee is charged. The museum can be seen from the railway station platforms but the entrance is on the opposite side.

YP 4-6-2

When I visited this museum this YP 4-6-2 had just been delivered, ironically it had a brand new speedometer showing less than 300 km on the odometer. The museum is located across the tracks from Mysore station. Mysore station is dual guage with passenger service to Arsikere and Chamarajanagar on meter guage track.

Some of the other railway equipment.

Between Bangalore and Mysore a number of meter guage artifacts can be seen including coaling and water tanks and this bridge. The old line runs parallel to the new broad guage line.

There is a well known railway museum in New Delhi and there are plans for regional museums in every state, however this is the only museum I visited. If anyone has information or photos of any other museums or any other preservation activities please let me know and I will post the information here. More information about Mysore

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