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Train Images 4

Other Train Journeys in India

   Here are some photographs from the following journeys:

1. Bombay V.T. to Mughal Sarai  by  Bombay - Howrah Mail via Allahabad  [Winter '86]
2. New Delhi to Bombay Central  by  Rajdhani Exp.  [Winter '86]
3. Madras Central to Mughal Sarai  by  Madras - Patna Exp. [Winter '89]
4. Varanasi to Howrah  by  Himigiri Exp.  [Winter '89]
5. Varanasi to Dadar  by  Mahanagri Exp.  [Winter '89]

[from #1]  Approaching Harda (note the scarlet red RMS coach
                 and the blue WDM2)   



[from #1]  Standing next to the Qutub Narmada Exp. at Jabalpur Jn.


[from #1]  Another shot of the Qutub Narmada Exp. as our train leaves
                 Jabalpur and heads towards Katni


[from #2]  The Rajdhani Exp. greets the suburbs of Bombay


[from #2]  Another shot of the Rajdhani Exp.


[from #3]  The paper factory near Sirpur Kaghaz Nagar


[from #3]  Negotiating the Wardha bypass as our train approaches
                 Wardha East (now Sewagram)


[from #3]  The double-headed Tamilnadu Exp. crosses our train
                 somewhere between Nagpur and Pandhurna


[from #4] Meeting a WAM1-headed passenger train at Sitarampur Jn.


[from #4]  A WAG5 flanked by two steam locos. at Asansol yard


[from #4]  Overtaking a WAG4-headed freight train in the quadruple
                 track section between Asansol and Barddhaman


[from #4]  Passing a WAM1-headed freight train


[from #4]  The New Delhi - Howrah Rajdhani Exp. overtakes our train
                 somewhere between Barddhaman and Howrah


[from #5]  A WAM2 heads the Chambal Exp. at Allahabad Jn.


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