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This site was put together a little haphazardly a few years ago. At that time, the thought was to create this website (throw a pole in the water and see if anyone would bite) and see if there was any interest. To be honest, that did not work so well. For some strange reason, modular groups are just not popular in Indiana. This might have something to do with the number of basements and space for layouts. I don't really know.


Not having a basement, I was forced to look for an alternative. The FREEMO concept, is it ! Why? There are all kinds of reasons!


FREEMO is for modelers who enjoy creating protypical scenes and operational layouts. It is possible to have a much larger layout to run your trains on then you might have the time, space or money to build all by yourself. If you get tired of a scene, sell it or give it to someone else and build something new. How well does that work with a non-standardized home layout?


The focus of FREEMO is the modeler and not some random audience at a train show. FREEMO utilizes the power of computers and DCC to run multiple trains in a realistic manner. This includes signals and dispatcher control, and real interchanges of freight. It is probably as real as modeling can get.


It is realistic because of the flexibility of the modular system. A FREEMO builder can have a single track or something busier (double, triple or more ) track main. Modules can be as small as 12" wide (known as mini-mo) and simulate rural mainline runs or wider than 26" When you think about it, you really can build just anything.


Feel free to look around the site. There is not much to this group and that is okay. I plan on building FREEMO compliant modules as my home layout. Not sure if FREEMO is for you? Come see me at a train show soon. My goal is to have at least one full size module and one mini module complete and ready to setup at the Great Train Expo in Indianapolis, January 2011.









Indy FREEMO utilizes Digitrax Command Control and the LocoNet System for control of the trains, switches, signals and other devices.


Page Updated 09/03/2010