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Position Paper: Union Pacific's Boise Branch

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Position Paper:
Union Pacific's Boise Branch

Union Pacific has filed for abandonment of the Boise Branch from Orchard, Idaho to Boise, Idaho. This would eliminate the possibility of running passenger trains from Boise to the east. The reasons giving by Union Pacific is they want to use the 132lb rail from the branch else where in their system. When Union Pacific sold many of their branch lines in Idaho to the Idaho, Northern and Pacific, they originally where going the sell the branch as part of the package. At the last minute Union Pacific refused to sell the branch.

Whereas the Boise Branch is a vital link for rail passenger service to the east of Boise, InterRail opposes the proposed abandonment by the Union Pacific. InterRail feels that this vital 17mile link should be preserved as a benefit not only to rail passenger service, but also as a vital transportation link.

Whereas the Union Pacific had the opportunity to sell the branch in the past, should either keep the branch in operation or be required to keep it intact until such time as a purchaser for the line is found.

July 15, 1999 - InterRail

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