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InterRail Goals

The 'New' InterRailThe 'New' InterRail

InterRail Goals

Eastern Washington, the Idaho Panhandle, and Montana

  1. Restoration of the North Coast Hiawatha.
  2. Establishment of a Portland/Seattle to Denver train via Spokane, Missoula, Helena, Billings, and Casper with links to the proposed Texas Zephyr.
  3. Establishment of through service from Alberta, through Montana to both Salt Lake City and Denver.
  4. Establishment of frequent service from Western Washington and Portland to Eastern Washington and North Idaho.
  5. Preservation and Restoration of historic rail stations such as East Glacier, Montana.
  6. The creating of Intermodal Hubs at rail stations.
  7. Preservation and eventual restoration of the Homestake Pass rail line and other valuable rail routes that are in danger.
  8. Continued usage by Amtrak of the Spokane Intermodal Terminal.
  9. Establishment of a network of Thruway bus connections to expand market share.
  10. Transit Improvements throughout the area.
  11. Preservation of the history and significance of the Milwaukee Pacific extension.

Southern Idaho and Utah

  1. Creation of a new long distance train from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles via Boise, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas bring back service dropped in 1997.
  2. Construction of a new Intermodal Terminal in Salt Lake City.
  3. Establishment of through service from Salt Lake City to Alberta via Idaho Falls, and Butte.
  4. Establishment of frequent service from Southern Utah to Logan and from Provo to Boise.
  5. Establishment of a network of Thruway busses to increase Market Penetration.
  6. Establishment and expansion of commuter rail service along the Wasatch Front.
  7. Expansion of TRAX light rail lines, and begin planning for rail transit in the Boise area.
  8. Improvements to other transit systems in the states.
  9. Creation of a long distance hub at the Ogden Union Station


  1. Restoration of rail service through Southern Wyoming from Ogden to Denver.
  2. Establishment of long distance service from Denver to Billings with service to Western Washington and Alberta.
  3. Establishment of a network of Thruway bus service.
  4. Improvements to transit systems in the state.
  5. Preservation and restoration of rail stations.