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The Huletts of Hooch Junction

The Huletts of Hooch Junction

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Lots of people talk about how great a set of Hulett unloaders would look on their layout, but few have actually built models of these mechanical beasts. Monroe Stewart of Oxon Hill, Maryland, has built [as far as I know] the only N-scale replications of Hulett machines in existence on his famous Hooch Junction pike; he kindly allowed me to photograph one of the models at a variety of angles and positions.

My hope is that when other modelers see these pictures, they will be inspired to build their own Huletts. Monroe's model seems much easier to reproduce than any of the ones in prototype photographs.

Complete Model with Boom Extended
Complete Model with Boom Retracted
Base - Side View
Base - Top View
Base - Upside Down View
Base Closeup View
Arms Raised Up
Arms at Level Position
Arms Lowered
Machinery Top View
Machinery Rear View
Machinery Underside View
View of Bucket and Boom

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