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Iron Belt Projects and Special Features

Projects / Special Features

This page lists all of the major projects on my new layout, including those completed and those currently in progress. There are also some features of other layouts that I [and possibly other visitors to IronBelt] may consider helpful model building resources.

Ore Bridge Model My current project is to build an ore bridge for the steel mill. I am doing it in brass for reasons of strength and stability. Here is what I have accomplished so far.
N-Scale Hulett Model Photos Photographs of the only known N-scale models of the famous Hulett unloaders, built by Monroe Stewart of Oxon Hill, MD. Monroe's Hooch Junction layout has been featured in several magazine articles.
Walthers Blast Furnace Enlargement Starting with a vanilla Wm K Walthers HO blast furnace, I duplicated each of the component parts of the structure (except the cast house) at 150% of their original dimensions. This brings the furnace closer to a true HO scale representation.
Great Lakes Ore Boat This is how I constructed the dockside vessel that will live beside the ore stockpiles on my new layout.
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