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La Teleferica Massaua-Asmara La Teleferica Massaua-Asmara

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The Godaif (Asmara)-Nefasit and Nefasit-Ghinda sections with the intermediate Golei and Embatkala stations.

The Ghinda-Mai Atal section with the intermediate Sabarguma and Dig Dig stations.

The Mai Atal-Zaga section with the intermediate Dogali station.

The two branches, Zaga-Campo di Marte and Zaga - Munitions dump.

A double counterweight structure.

of Massawa to the delightful coolness of Asmara, which reminds us so much of that of our own country, so the humidity passes through the entire scale to saturation. As a result, it is almost impossible to travel the entire length of the cableway without sooner or later encountering a "rainy zone" that shifts continually in the same way the crests of dunes shift to the blowing of the monsoon.

Mechanical Implementation

The bearing cables cannot run in a single stretch from the sea to the highland! They are formed, on the contrary, by connecting a series of nearly 30

A trestle near Nefasit.

sections, with their ends connected at trestles (sometimes in the stations themselves) by means of short sections of suspended rail, over which the cars pass without stopping as they go from one section to the next.

In these trestles and in the stations, appropriate systems of counterweights regulate the shape of the chain of the bearing cables, the shape not being fixed, but subject to change so the tension remains constant.

The bearing cables are supported by a series of nearly 500 iron towers (iron like the station buildings because of the risk of termites - a variety of voracious wood-eating tropical ant)

Pages: Cover-5, 6-9, 10-13, 14-17, 18-21, 22-25, 26-29, 30-end

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