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C420 Roster

Alco's C420 - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

129 US, 2 Mexico

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseNotes
3EM600-60212/653437-01:03Erie Mining
2FCdelS7123-10,1112/653432-01,02Ferrocarril del Sureste; re#ed 510,511
2L&HR21,226/633363-01,02no d/b; (1)
4L&HR23-2612/65-1/663431-01:04no d/b; (1),(2)
3L&HR27-297/663463-01:03no d/b; (1)
8LI200-20712/63-2/6484722-84729high-nose, s/g, no d/b
13LI208-2202-5/6484779-84791high-nose, s/g, no d/b
1LI2217/643384-01high-nose, s/g, no d/b
8LI222-2298/686006-01:08high-nose, s/g, no d/b, Hi-Ad trucks
6L&N1300-13056/6484793-84798no d/b
10L&N1306-13158-9/663467-01:10no d/b
2MON501,5028/663448-05,06high-nose, s/g, no d/b; to L&N 1318,1319
4MON503-5068/663448-01:04no d/b; to L&N 1320-1323
12MON507-5188/673490-01:12no d/b; to L&N 1324-1335
1MSE639/653425-01no d/b; Mississippi State Export
1NKP5786/6484792no d/b; to N&W 2578
2P&N2000,200112/653430-01,02no d/b, Piedmont & Northern; to SCL 1238,1239 then L&N 1377,1378
15SAL110-1245-6/653418-01:15to L&N 1351-1365
11SAL125-1358/653418-16:26SAL 126 wrecked, rest to L&N 1366-1375
1SAL1365/663459-01wreck replacement; to L&N 1376
2TC400,4011,2/663438-01,02no d/b; to L&N 1316,1317

(1) Lehigh & Hudson River 21,23,24,27-29 to Conrail 2072-2077; L&HR 22 to Essex Terminal Ry (Walkerville, ONT) 106; L&HR 25,26 to BCR 631,632.
(2) L&HR 23,24 wrecked on CNJ during delivery 12/65, rebuilt and reshipped 5/66.

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