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C424 Roster

Alco's C424 - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

53 US, 92 Canada, 45 Mexico

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseNotes
3BRC600-6024/653382-05,07,06no d/b; Belt Railway of Chicago
3BRC603-6055/663450-01:03no d/b; Belt Railway of Chicago
2CN3200,320112/6484837,84838built by MLW
3CN3202-32043/66M3443-01:03built by MLW
1CN32055/66M3443-04built by MLW
15CN3206-32205-6/66M3444-01:15built by MLW
1CN32218/66M3444:16built by MLW
7CN3222-32281-2/67M3477-01:07built by MLW
12CN3229-32402-5/67M3478-01:12built by MLW
1CP83004/6384413re#ed 4200
1CP83013/6584839built by MLW; re#ed 4201
5CP4202-42063/6584840-84844built by MLW
10CP4207-42165-8/6584845-84854built by MLW
16CP4217-423210-12/6584855-84870built by MLW
18CP4233-425012/65-3/66M3436-01:18built by MLW
15EL2401-24155-6/6384543-84557to CR 2475-2489
1EM50010/643382-03???; Erie Mining
1GB&W3119/6384559no d/b
1GB&W3126/643375-01no d/b
1GB&W3131/653382-04no d/b
1GB&W3149/653382-08no d/b
1PRR24159/6384558to PC; then CR 2474
3RDG5201-520310/6384560-84562to CR 2490-2492
7RDG5204-521010-11/6384733-84739to CR 2493-2499
7SP&S300-3066/643381-01:07to BN 4240-4246
2TP&W800,8019/643382-01,02no d/b

(1) Ordered by NdeM, diverted by Alco (Schenectady, NY) to Wabash (after cab instructions had been written in Spanish), used as trailing units. B902 wrecked two weeks before N&W merger, remainder re# to N&W 3900,3901,3903-3906 respectively.

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