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Erie Roster

F-M's Erie-Built Original Owners

by David Thompson

82 A units, 29 B units

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sA or BTrucksPhaseNotes
2ATSF90L, 90B5/47L-1099, L-1101A-unitcastIIad/b, s/g
1ATSF90A5/47L-1100B-unitcastIIad/b, s/g
2C&NW6001A, 6000B6/47L-1090, L-1092A-unitcastIIas/g, Omaha Road
2C&NW6002A, 6002B5/47L-1093, L-1095A-unitcastIIas/g, Omaha Road
2KCS60A, 61A11/46L-1087, L-1089A-unitfab.Ia
2KCS60B, 61B11/46L-1088, L-1091B-unitfab.Ia
2KCS60C, 61C1/47L-1094, L-1096A-unitfab.Ia
2KCS62A, 62C6/47L-1098, L-1097A-unitfab.IIas/g,
Louisiana & Arkansas
1KCS62B4/48L-1145B-unitfab.IIbLouisiana & Arkansas
2MILW5A, 5C10/46L-1063, L-1065A-unitcastIbd/b, s/g
1MILW5B10/46L-1064B-unitcastIbd/b, s/g
2MILW6A, 6C1/47L-1066, L-1068A-unitcastIbd/b, s/g
1MILW6B1/47L-1067B-unitcastIbd/b, s/g
2MILW7A, 7C1/47L-1069, L-1071A-unitcastIbd/b, s/g
1MILW7B1/47L-1070B-unitcastIbd/b, s/g
2MILW8A, 8C1/47L-1072, L-1074A-unitcastIbd/b, s/g
1MILW8B1/47L-1073B-unitcastIbd/b, s/g
2MILW9A, 9C3/47L-1075, L-1077A-unitcastIIad/b, s/g
1MILW9B3/47L-1076B-unitcastIIad/b, s/g
2MILW21A, 21B8/47L-1119, L-1120A-unitcastIIad/b, s/g
2MILW22A, 22B8/47L-1102, L-1104A-unitcastIIad/b, s/g
1MILW21C4/48L-1157B-unitcastIIbd/b, s/g
2NYC5000, 500110/47L-1105, L-1107A-unitfab.IIad/b
2NYC5002, 500312/48, 1/49L-1170, L-1174A-unitcastIIbd/b
2NYC5100, 510112/48, 1/49L-1159, L-1160B-unitcastIIbd/b
2NYC5004, 50052/49L-1175, L-1176A-unitcastIIbd/b
6NYC4400-44053-4/49L-1177 to L-1182A-unitcastIIbs/g
2PRR9456A, 9457A11/47L-1108, L-1110A-unitcastIIbd/b
2PRR9456B, 9458B11/47L-1103, L-1106B-unitcastIIbd/b
2PRR9460B, 9462B11/47L-1109, L-1112B-unitcastIIbd/b
2PRR9458A, 9459A12/47L-1111, L-1113A-unitcastIIbd/b
2PRR9466B, 9468B12/47L-1125, L-1126B-unitcastIIbd/b
2PRR9460A, 9461A1/48L-1114, L-1116A-unitcastIIbd/b
4PRR9462A-9465A1-2/48L-1121 to L-1124A-unitcastIIbd/b
6PRR9466A-9471A2-3/48L-1130 to L-1135A-unitcastIIbd/b
2PRR9472A, 9473A6/48L-1140, L-1141A-unitcastIIbd/b,s/g
2PRR9472B, 9474B6/48L-1146, L-1147B-unitcastIIbd/b,s/g
6PRR9474A-9479A6-9/48L-1148 to L-1153A-unitcastIIbd/b,s/g
2PRR9480A, 9481A10/48L-1154, L-1155A-unitcastIIb
8PRR9484A-9491A10-12/48L-1162 to L-1169A-unitcastIIb
2UP50-M-1A, 50-M-2A12/45L-1060, L-1061A-unitfab.Iad/b, s/g
1UP50-M-3B12/45L-1062B-unitfab.Iad/b, s/g
2UP984A, 985A6/47L-1117, L-1118A-unitfab.IIad/b, s/g
2UP986B, 987B10/47L-1127, L-1128B-unitfab.IIad/b, s/g
4UP704-7073-4/48L-1136 to L-1139A-unitcastIIbd/b, s/g
2UP704B, 706B3-4/48L-1142, L-1143B-unitcastIIbd/b, s/g
fab.- fabricated truck
d/b- dynamic brakes
s/g- steam generator

Phase Ia: the original carbody with square front windshields, step roof over the cab, stainless steel grills, and the raised sections on the nose for the class lights. UP 50-M-1A,2A,3B would be Phase Ia1 since they had two horizontal grabs in the rear side corner recess instead of vertical handrails in the recess.

Phase Ib: the stainless grills were eliminated and the middle stirrup step was eliminated in favor of steps in the fuel tank.

Phase IIa: the curved windshields, smooth cab roof, smooth nose for the class lights, and a straight middle stirrup step appeared. The recesses at the back side corner were filled in but the handrails were still recessed.
(I haven't been able to confirm this, but C&NW 5001A may have had the full recess. C&NW's other three Eries had the filled recess, though.)

Phase IIb: the recesses disappear completely.

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