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GP15-1, GP15AC, and GP15T Roster

GP15-1, GP15AC, and GP15T - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

310 US GP15-1, 30 US, 4 Export GP15AC, 28 US GP15T

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseNotes
25C&NW4400-44246-7/76757142-1 to -25Iimpingement filters
15CR1600-16147-8/79787249-1 to -15IIb
37CR1615-16519-11/79787249-31 to -67IIb
19CR1652-167011-12/79787249-82 to -100IIb
14CR1671-168411-12/79787249-68 to -81IIb
15CR1685-16998-9/79787249-16 to -30IIb
20MP1555-15746-7/76757138-1 to -20I1570-1574 sublettered C&EI
15MP1575-158912/76767037-1 to -15IIa
25MP1590-16147/77767038-1 to -25IIa
30MP1615-16449-10/79787183-1 to -30IIb
20MP1645-16648/81807019-1 to -20IId
40MP1665-17042-3/82817017-1 to -40IId
10MP1705-17143-4/82817035-1 to -10IId
25SLSF100-1248-9/77767076-1 to -25IIaFrisco; impingement filters; to BN 1375-1399
4IAFFEL-007 to L-0105/82818001-1 to -4IIIFC Nacionales (Venezuela); impingement filters, d/b; also listed as GP15-1AC or GP15-2
30MP1715-174411-12/82827016-1 to -30III
3AN720-7224/83827039-1 to -3IIIApalachicola Northern; impingement filters
25C&O1500-152410-11/82817054-1 to -25IIIChessie System; d/b
I: 81" nose

IIa: 88" nose, lift-off equipment doors
IIb: welded cab sides, lower rail on inertial intake grille
(IIc1: "shotgun" exhaust stacks)
(IIc2: stiffener ridge on battery box cover)
IId: toilet hatch on nose

III: straight side sills

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