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GP28 Roster

EMD's GP28 - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

16 US, 10 Mexico, 5 Peru

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseNotes
7ChP801-80712/64-1/6529878-29884Ib4?Chihuahua Pacific
3ChP808-8101/6529885-29887Ic1Chihuahua Pacific; s/g, high-nose
9IC9429-94373-9/6428937-28945Ib1no d/b
1IC943811/6428946Ib2no d/b
2IC9439-944011/6428947-28948Ib4no d/b
1MSC2119/6429593Ib1no d/b; to IC 9941
5SPC26-3010-11/6530459-30463Southern Peru Copper (South America)
2KO&G700,70111/6429632,29633Ib2 no d/b; to T&P 570,571; to MP 2000,2001
1TM8569/65320711no d/b; Texas-Mexican
GP28/GP35 Phases:

Phase Ia1- fishbelly frame, groups of three louvers on both battery box doors, seven latched engine doors, short inertial intake, flat dustbin hatch, flat under the front headlight (roads that used rotating lights had a bulge under the numberboard assembly) Type I radiators (the Cannon GP35 rad). [10/63-3/64]
Phase Ia2- three latched engine doors. [2/64-4/64]

Phase Ib1- long inertial intake. [3/64-9/64]
Phase Ib2- seven latched engine doors. [9/64-10?/64]
Phase Ib3- bulge under the front headlight becomes standard. [10?/64-11/64]
Phase Ib4- two louvers on the fireman's battery box door. [11/64-1/65]

Phase Ic1- Type II radiators (the Atlas/Con-Cor/Pemco/IHC SD35 rads). The bit of sheet metal at the front of the engineer's battery box was eliminated with this phase. [12/64-2/65]
Phase Ic2- two louvers on both battery box doors. [2/65-5/65]

Phase Id- raised dustbin hatch. [6/65]

Phase IIa- straight frame, two louvers on both battery box doors, seven latched engine doors, long inertial intake, flat dustbin hatch, Type II radiators. [4/65-5/65]

Phase IIb- raised dustbin hatch. [5/65-12/65]

Phase IIc- corrugated inertial intake. [8-12/65]

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