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GP38 Roster

EMD's GP38 and GP38AC - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

700 US, 6 Mexico GP38

240 US, 21 Canada GP38AC

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sAir FilterPhaseNotes
1A&R4006/6834029oil bathIIa3Aberdeen & Rockfish
2AHdeM130,1317/6733184,33185oil bathIa4?Altos Hornos de Mexico
29ATSF3500-35286/7036536-36564paperIIbd/b x2
32ATSF3529-35608-9/7036565-36596paperIIbd/b x2
50B&O3800-384910-11/6733318-33367oil bathIIa2d/b; to CSX 2000-2049
14B&O4800-48138-9/7036676-36689paperIIbd/b; to CSX 2100-2113
6B&O4814-481912/7036690-36695paperIIbd/b; to CSX 2114-2119
2BAR81,822,3/6631213,31214oil bathIa2Bangor & Aroostook
3BAR83-853/6733050-33052oil bathIa3
3BAR86-889/6733199-33201oil bathIIa2
6BN2072-20772/7035995-36000paperIIbd/b; ordered as SP&S 200-205
50C&O3850-389910-12/6733681-33730oil bathIIa2d/b; to CSX 2050-2099
10C&O4820-48297-8/7036666-36675paperIIbd/b; to CSX 2120-2129
10CRR2000-20094/6733062-33071oil bathIa3Clinchfield; d/b; to SBD 6273-6280, then 2180-2189, then CSX same #s
5DT&I200-2041/6631064-31068oil bathIa1d/b; to GTW 6200-6204
2DT&I205,2069/6935291,35292oil bathIIbd/b; to GTW 6205,6206
2EM700,7011/6731949,31950oil bathIa3Erie Mining; d/b; re# 7250,7251, then 4215,4216
2FUS512,5136/7137617,37618paperIIcFerrocarriles Unidos del Sureste; to NdeM 8255,8256, FNM same #s
20GM&O701-7208/6935164-35183paperIIbto ICG 9520-9539, then IC same #s
20L&N4000-40196-7/7036313-36322paperIIbd/b x2; to SBD 6221-6240, then 2130-2149, then CSX same #s
12MEC251-26211/6632660-32671oil bathIa3Maine Central; d/b
1MEC26312/6733280oil bathIIa2d/b
4MKT300-30311-12/6935934-35937paperIIbto UP 1975-1978
3MP572-57410/6632495-32497oil bathIa3re# 852-854, then 2002-2004
1MP57510/6632608oil bathIa3re# 855, then 2005
1MP57611/6632672oil bathIa3re# 856, then 2006
1MP5776/6733174oil bathIa4?re# 857, then 2007
5MGA2000-20046/6935074-35078oil bathIIbMonongahela Ry.; d/b x1
2NS2001,20026/6631782,31783oil bathIa3Norfolk Southern Ry.; to SOU 2880,2881, rebuilt with high nose by SOU
2NS2003,200410/6632308,32309oil bathIa3to SOU 2882,2883, rebuilt with high nose by SOU
3NS2005-20076-7/6732491-32493oil bathIa4?to SOU 2884-2886, rebuilt with high nose by SOU
63PC7675-77376-7/6935304-35366oil bathIIbd/b; to CR same #s
28PC7738-77657-9/6935367-35394paperIIbd/b; to CR same #s
3PC7766-77688-9/6935395-35397paperIIbd/b; to CR same #s
46PC7769-78148-11/6935398-35443paperIIbd/b; to CR same #s
10PC7815-782411/6935444-35453paperIIbd/b; tandem control stands, extended cab face; to CR same #s
43PC7825-78675-6/7036441-36483paperIIbd/b; to CR same #s
36PC7868-79031-2/7136927-36962paperIIbd/b; to CR same #s
4PC7904-79073/7136993-36996paperIIbtandem control stands, extended cab face; to CR same #s
27PC7908-79342-4/7136963-36989paperIIbd/b; to CR same #s
3PC7935-79373/7136990-36992paperIIbd/b; to CR same #s
2PC7938,79393/7137011,37012paperIIbd/b; to CR same #s
5PRSL2000-200412/6733797-33801oil bathIIa2Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines; tandem control stands, extended cab face; to CR 7660-7664
5PRSL2005-20094/6934752-34756oil bathIIbtandem control stands, extended cab face; to CR 7665-7669
3PRSL2010-20127-8/7036801-36803paperIIbtandem control stands, extended cab face; to PC same #s, then 7670-7672, then CR same #s
2PRSL2013,20147,8/7036804,36805paperIIbtandem control stands, extended cab face; to PC 7673,7674, CR same #s
2P-D47,4810/6632290,32291oil bathIa3Phelps-Dodge; d/b
4P-D49-524/6733072-33075oil bathIa3d/b
2P-D53,544/7137375,37376paperIIcd/b x2
4SOU2716-27199-10/6935246-35249oil bathIIbhigh nose, d/b x1; to NS same #s
8SOU2720-27279-10/6935250-35257oil bathIIbhigh nose, d/b x1; to NS same #s
25SOU2728-27529-10/6935258-35282oil bathIIbhigh nose, d/b x1; to NS same #s
25SOU2753-277710-11/6936001-36025oil bathIIbhigh nose, d/b x1; to NS same #s
45SOU2788-28221-3/7036026-36070oil bathIIbhigh nose, d/b x1; to NS same #s
1TAG802/6833802oil bathIIa3Tennessee Alabama & Georgia; high nose; to SOU 2879, rebuilt with d/b by SOU, then NS same #
1TM85711/6632461oil bathIa3Texas Mexican
1TM8586/6732673oil bathIa4?
8DT&I210-2174-5/7036333-36340paperIIb215 re# 209, 216 re# 208, 217 re# 207; 207-214 to GTW 6207-6214
6DT&I215-2207/7136866-36871paperIIcto GTW 6215-6220
7GM&O721-7273/7136079-36085paperIIcto ICG 9540-9546
2GM&O728,7293/7137451,37452paperIIcto ICG 9547,9548
3GM&O730-7324/7136086-36088paperIIcto ICG 9549-9551
1GM&O73312/717388-1paperIIIto ICG 9552
20IC9500-95192/7035665-35684paperIIbd/b x2, L-window cab, sight glass
4LV310-31312/717368-1 to 4paperIIId/b; to CR 7656-7659
10L&N4020-40295/7135973-35982paperIIcd/b x2; to SBD 6241-6250
10L&N4030-40395/7137268-37277paperIIcd/b x2; to SBD 6251-6260
9L&N4040-40485-7/7137629-37637paperIIcd/b x2; to SBD 6261-6269
1L&N40496/7137638paperIIcd/b x2; to SBD 6270
10N&W4100-41098/7135620-35629paperIIchigh nose, d/b
15N&W4110-412410/7135630-35644paperIIchigh nose, d/b
15N&W4125-41396/7135645-35659paperIIchigh nose, d/b
5N&W4140-41449/7135660-35664paperIIchigh nose, d/b
3N&W4145-41479/7138188-38190paperIIchigh nose, d/b
10N&W4148-415711-12/7138191-38200paperIIchigh nose, d/b
2N&W4158,415911,12/7138201,38202paperIIchigh nose, d/b
1PPL1112/7137891Pacific Power & Light; d/b
14SOU2823-28364-5/7137295-37308oil bathIIchigh nose, d/b x2
14SOU2837-28509-10/7137309-37322oil bathIIchigh nose, d/b x2
28SOU2851-28788-10/7137323-37350oil bathIIchigh nose, d/b x2
16SLSF633-6482/7137018-37033paperIIbd/b; to BN 2110-2125
5SLSF649-6532-3/7137442-37446paperIIbd/b; 651 wrecked 9/74; rest to BN 2126-2129
5SLSF654-6584/7137437-37441paperIIcd/b; to BN 2130-2134
4SLSF659-6624/7137447-37450paperIIcd/b; to BN 2135-2138
GP38 Phases:

Phase Ia1- diamond-mesh radiators; Type 1 endplates (same as on GP7-GP35); "flat-button-top" fans, flat equipment boxes below the cab. 11/65-3/66
Phase Ia2- ribbed equipment box on the fireman's side. 3/66
Phase Ia3- ribbed equipment boxes on both sides. 4/66-5/67
Phase Ia4- open-top fans. 6-7/67

Phase IIa1- Type 2 (zig-zag) endplates. 7/67-10/67
Phase IIa2- ECAFB appears behind the cab. 9/67-2/68
Phase IIa3- nose grab irons changed to bottom-mount drop grabs. 2-6/68
Phase IIb- square-grid radiators. 6/68-4/71
Phase IIc- long hood stanchions all on 4-foot spacing; bottoms of those stanchions all level; ribbed blower bump; d/b front taper elongated. 3/71-12/71

Phase III- Type 3 endplates (Dash-2 style). 12/71

d/b: dynamic brakes
x1: extended-range contactor door on dynamic blister ahead of right-side grid
x2: extended-range contactor doors on dynamic blister behind both grids

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