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GP60, GP60M, GP60B, GP59 Roster

GP60, GP60M, GP60B, GP59 - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

294 US GP60, 63 US GP60M, 23 US GP60B, 36 US GP59

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseNotes
10ATSF4010-40195/88876031-11 to -20IIa
20ATSF4020-40397-8/89886012-1 to -20IIb
3D&RGW3154-31565/90896043-1 to -3IIc1
3EMDEMD-5 to -710/85836061-1 to -3Ito LLPX 6001-6003, then CSX 6897-6899
43NS7101-71438-10/91907134-1 to -43IId7117 wrecked, re# 7100
7NS7144-715012/91-1/92907171-1 to -7IIe
20SP9600-96192-4/88866185-1 to -20IIa
55SP9715-97694-7/91907137-1 to -55IId
25SP9770-979411/93-1/94936428-1 to -25IId
15SSW9620-96348-10/88876054-1 to -15IIa
30SSW9635-96648-10/89886024-1 to -30IIb
50SSW9665-97143-5/90896003-1 to -50IIc1
1TM8695/90896051-1IIc1Texas Mexican; to HLCX 7700, then VTR 381, then back to Helm
1TM87010/91907148-1IIdTexas Mexican; to HLCX 7701, then VTR 382, then back to Helm
1WES10610/91917216-1IIdWestinghouse, Savannah River Site
63ATSF100-1625-9/90886063-1 to -63IIc1nonstandard 2-window cab
23ATSF325-3477-8/91906143-1 to -23IIc2cabless, dynamic brake in nose section
3EMDEMD-8 to -106/85836061-1 to -3IEMD demonstrators, EMD-9 has 7 long hood stanchions; to NS 4606-4608
33NS4609-464111-12/89887007-1 to -33IIb7 long hood stanchions; 4610 repainted Southern green 4/94
Phases I: rounded dynamic brake blister, aerodynamic cab and nose

IIa: standard cab and nose
IIb: boxy dynamic brake blister, latched dynamic access door
IIc1: 5 latched engine doors, bolted dynamic access door
IIc2: 7 latched engine doors
IId: 5 latched, engine doors, recessed brake wheel in nose
IIe: bulge in right side of nose for Integrated Cab Electronics

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