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S5,S6,SSB9 Roster

Alco S5, S6, SSB9 - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

S5: 8 US; S6: 93 US, 33 Mexico; SSB9: 2 US

S5: DL-421
Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sNotes
1Alco68/5177991Alco plant switcher; not offered for sale; served as laboratory test unit for 251 engine
S5: DL-421A
1Alco9098/5480915demonstrator; to Island Creek Fuel & Transportation 102
6B&M860-8656/5480916-80921B&M 860,861,865,862 rebuilt to 1000 hp, re# 1280-1283
S6: DL-430
1Armco12022/5681720ARMCO Steel, Ashland KY
1Allied1101/5681718Allied Chemical, Semet-Solvay Div.
1BRC4202/5782297Belt Railway of Chicago
1B. Perini1012/5681721B. Perini & Sons
1ChP601/5681715Chihuahua Pacific, re# 106
2CFdeH1,212/58,1/5982305,82306Cia Fundidora de Hierro y Acero
1CFdeH312/6082308" " "
8FCP701-7086-8/5581302-81309Ferrocarril del Pacifico
1FCP7099/5581384" " "
4FCP710-7139-10/5581405-81408" " "
10FCP714-72310-11/5581410-81419" " "
1FCP72410/5581409" " "
1NdeM53001/5681716National Rys. de Mexico
1NP7505/5580922Northern Pacific
1ORCo.561/5681717Ohio River Co., West Virginia
1Rep. Steel15310/5982307Republic Steel
2Rep. Steel317,3187,8/5782301,82302" " "
2SCOP7133-1,210/5681814,81815Secretaria de Comunicicaciones de Obras Publicas
1SCOP7133-311/6083812" " "
2Sheffield15,166/5782299,82300Sheffield Steel
7SP1033-10395/5580923-80929signal lights; re# 1200-1206
12SP1040-10515-6/5581290-81301signal lights; re# 1207-1218
1SP105212/5581433signal lights; re# 1219
11SP1053-10636-8/5681724-81734signal lights; re# 1220-1230
9SP1064-10728-9/5681805-81813signal lights; re# 1231-1239
6SP1073-107811/5681819-81824re# 1240-1245
12SP1079-108211-12/5682281-82292re# 1246-1257
12SP4634-464511-12/5581421-81432signal lights, MU; re# 1270-1281
1SB4011/5581420South Buffalo, Blunt trucks
1SB414/5681719" " "
4SB42-4511/56-1/5782293-82296" " "
1TNC1079/5782304Tennessee Copper
1UM&P616/5782298Upper Merion & Plymouth, rebuilt from B. Perini 101
1US Pipe3810/5681816U.S. Pipe & Foundry, Birmingham, AL
1USS19/5782303Columbia Geneva Steel, UT
2WM151,1523/5681722,81723Western Maryland
1UdeY30111/6083811Ferrocarriles Unidos de Yucatan
SSB9: DL-441
2OIM1217A,1218A10/5681817,81818Oliver Iron Mining; S6 cow
2OIM1217B,1218B10/5682311,82312" " "; S6 calf

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