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T6 Roster

Alco's T6 - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

55 US, 2 Mexico

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseNotes
2AH126,12712/643391-01,02Altos Hornos de Mexico
2AC16,176,7/663454-01,02American Cyanamid (Brewster,FL)
2KS1022,102312/5983392,83393Kaiser Steel (Fontana,CA)
1MC4007/686004-01Monongahela Connecting
2N&SS1016,10171/696017-01,02Newburgh & South Shore; last order built at Schenectady
28N&W22-494-10/5983364-83391N&W 40,41 to Chesapeake & Western 10,11
6PRR8424-84293/5883857-83862to PC 9844-9849
2PT46,472/683489-01,02Portland Terminal (OR)

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