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U23C Roster

GE's U23C - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

53 US, 20 Export

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseAir FilterNotes
9CB&Q460-4684/6936988-36996IIboil bathtriple-clasp trucks; to BN 5200-5208
4PC6700-670310/7037540-37543IIcpapertriple-clasp trucks, no d/b; to CR 6900-6903
1 PC 6704 11/70 37544IIcpapertriple-clasp trucks, no d/b; to CR 6904
2 PC 6705,6706 10/70 37545, 37546IIcpapertriple-clasp trucks, no d/b; to CR 6905,6906
1 PC 6707 11/70 37547IIcpapertriple-clasp trucks, no d/b; to CR 6907
1 PC 6708 10/70 37548IIcpapertriple-clasp trucks, no d/b; to CR 6908
1 PC 6709 11/70 37549IIcpapertriple-clasp trucks, no d/b; to CR 6909
2 PC 6710,6711 10/70 37550, 37551IIcpapertriple-clasp trucks, no d/b; to CR 6910,6911
7 PC 6712-6718 11/70 37552-37558IIcpapertriple-clasp trucks, no d/b; to CR 6912-6918
2 LS&I 2300,2301 3,4/68 36706,36707 IIaoil bath
1 LS&I 2302 9/69 37138 IIcoil bath
2 LS&I 2303,2304 9/70 37572,37573IIcoil bath
20 RFFSA 3901-3920 9-11/75 40608-40627IIh2paper63" gauge; Rede Ferroviaria Federap S.A.(Brazil Federal Railways)
GE's Brazilian licensee GE De Brazil constructed an additional 150 units for RFFSA, #3801-3880 (GE Brazil b/n #2500247-2500326) and #3921-3990 (GE Brazil b/n #2500623-2500692), many from partially fabricated "kits" supplied by GE in Erie, PA
U23C Phases

GE used a common body for the various U-boats, so this list is based on phases of the U30B.

Phase II with the forward radiator intake mounted high had oil bath filters; low-mounted intake was for paper air filters.

Phase IIa- entire hood below the radiator is the same width as the radiator itself, radiator intakes are redesigned, the raised section on the radiator disappears, a horizontal drip rail appears on the sides of the radiator, short exhaust stack, small taper just ahead of the radiator, pipe chain guards at right front corner.

Phase IIb- the taper just ahead of the radiator disappears, six equipment doors on the left side instead of eight.

Phase IIc- the intake screens become corrugated instead of flat, and project slightly from the hood instead of being flush-mounted.

Phase IIh2- separate front headlight casing, hinges on front numberboards appear.

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