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U25C Roster

GE's U25C - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

113 US

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseNotes
4ACL3000-300312/6334969-34972Ino d/b; to SCL 2100-2103
7ACL3004-301011/6435064-35070IIno d/b; to SCL 2104-2110
3ACL3011-301310/6535609-35611IIIbno d/b; delivered at 2800hp, "U25CU"; to SCL 2111-2113
4ACL3014-301710/6535612-35615IIIbno d/b; to SCL 2114-2117
3ACL3018-302011/6535616-35618IIIbno d/b; to SCL 2118-2120
2CB&Q550, 5518/6535597, 35598IIIbto BN 5630, 5631
9CB&Q552-5609/6535599-35607IIIbto BN 5632-5640
1CB&Q56110/6535608IIIbto BN 5641
2L&N1500, 15015/6535545, 35546IIIb
6NP2500-25055/6435035-35040IIto BN 5600-5605
9NP2506-25146/6435041-35049IIto BN 5606-5614
2NP2515, 25165/6535582, 35583IIIbto BN 5615, 5616
1NP25176/6535584IIIbto BN 5617
3NP2518-25206/6535585-35587IIIbdelivered at 2750hp, "U25CU"; to BN 5618-5620
4NP2521-25246/6535588-35591IIIbto BN 5621-5624
5NP2525-25297/6535592-35596IIIbto BN 5625-5629
4PRR6516-651912/6535623-35628IIIbdelivered at 2800hp, "U25CU"
4Oro Dam8010-80139/6334815-34818Ino d/b; 8010 wrecked; 8011 rebuilt to 8020, to L&N 1520
3Oro Dam8014-80165/6434819-34821Ino d/b; 8014, 8015 to L&N 1521, 1522; 8016 wrecked
2Oro Dam8017, 801812/6535563, 35564IIIbno d/b; to L&N 1523, 1524
1Oro Dam801912/6535629IIIbno d/b; to L&N 1525

Phase I: original carbody, air tanks on either side of fuel tank, no openings in the hood immediately behind the cab, louvers on the doors under the right side of the cab.

Phase II: full-size fuel tank, air tanks moved to the hood, small louvers added behind cab, door louvers eliminated under the right side of the cab.

Phase IIIa: large screened openings added to hood sides and roof behind the cab, one set of louvers ahead of the right-side screen.

Phase IIIb: side screens replaced by two-piece screened hood doors, one small louver pair ahead of left-side screen doors.

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