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U30B Roster

GE's U30B - Original Owners

by David Thompson

295 Built

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseAir FilterNotes
4ACL975-9781/6736144-36147Iboil bathBlomberg trucks; to SCL 1700-1703
2C&O8223,82245/6635881,35880IId*paperex-GE 302,301; rebuilt to U30B and delivered to C&O 11/72
10C&O8225-823412/7440068-40077IIh2paperFB trucks
5CB&Q150-1541/6836520-36524IIaoil bath
6IC5000-50052-3/6736200-26205Iboil bath
5L&N2505-250911-12/6736443-36447Icoil bath
4MILW6005-60081/6836500-36503IIaoil bath
1MILW60091/6836499IIaoil bath
15N&W1930-19443-5/6736256-36270Iboil bathhigh nose
12N&W1945-19566/6736326-36337Iboil bathhigh nose
3N&W1957-19597/6736343-36345Iboil bathhigh nose
2N&W1960,19617/6736341,36342Iboil bathhigh nose
3N&W1962-19657/6736338-36340Iboil bathhigh nose
50N&W8465-85148/70-1/7137441-37490IIc,dpaperhigh nose
10N&W8515-85245/7137747-37756IIe,f1paperhigh nose
15N&W8525-85399-11/7137757-37771IIf1paperhigh nose
10NYC2830-283911/66-2/6736246-36255Iaoil bathdelivered with F-M trucks; replaced with Alco/GE trucks
18NYC2840-28577-9/6736379-36396Icoil bath
30NYC2860-28899-12/6736411-36440Icoil bath
15SAL800-8141-2/6736121-36135Iaoil bathBlomberg trucks; to SCL 1704-1718
4SLSF832-83510-11/6836850-36853IIboil bath
8SLSF836-8439/6937164-37171IIboil bath
10SLSF844-8535/7339228-39237IIg1paper846 delivered in special XR paint scheme
5WP751-7559/6736451-36455Icoil bathBlomberg trucks
4WP756-7599/6836833-36836IIboil bathBlomberg trucks
10WP760-7694-5/6936998-37007IIboil bathBlomberg trucks
2WP770,7716/6635935,35936IId**paperex-GE 303,304; rebuilt to U30B with Blomberg trucks and delivered to WP 7/71
*- C&O 8223 and 8224 had U25B-profile fuel tanks and sharp-corner cab side windows
**-WP 770 and 771 had sharp-corner cab side windows

GE 301-304 were testbeds built two each in May and June 1966. 301 and 302 were the first to have the "late U28" radiator arrangement, and the quartet was initially used to test GE's alternator system. GE retained them as general testbeds/demonstrators for improvements to the U-series. Their radiators were reworked in 1967, and 301 later tested the "FB" four-axle truck.

NYC 2858 and 2859 (b/n 36397,36398) were ordered as U30B and their builder's plates were stamped U30B, but GE delivered them in September 1967 as U33B prototypes (GE did the same thing with a Milwaukee U30C order at the end of the year). NYC later derated the pair to 3000 hp, but without any external changes.

U30B Phases

All Phase I were built with oil bath air filters. Phase II with the forward radiator intake mounted high had oil bath filters; low-mounted intake was for paper air filters. Phase Is had either square or pipe chain guards, depending on which was ordered. Phase IIs had pipe chain guards.

Phase Ia- late U28B carbody; radiators slightly wider than the hood, raised section centered between radiator halves, radiator intakes same width as the radiator itself, built-up pilots, small stepwell notch for the handrail, large battery box covers, circular door latches, rectangular headlight casing, tall tapered exhaust stack, small brakewheel.

Phase Ib- same as Phase Ia except radiator intake is shorter, two small intakes appear ahead of the main one, and the brakewheel becomes larger (except on high nose U30Bs).

Phase Ic- same as Phase Ib except the exhaust stack becomes shorter.

Phase IIa- entire hood below the radiator is the same width as the radiator itself, radiator intakes are redesigned, the raised section on the radiator disappears, a horizontal drip rail appears on the sides of the radiator, short exhaust stack, small taper just ahead of the radiator.

Phase IIb- the taper just ahead of the radiator disappears.

Phase IIc- the intake screens become corrugated instead of flat, and project slightly from the hood instead of being flush-mounted.

Phase IId- horizontal drip rail on the radiator disappears.

Phase IIe- built-up area on pilots disappears.

Phase IIf1- handrail notch in the stepwells becomes full length.
Phase IIf2- square door latches.

Phase IIg1- headlight casing becomes oval-shaped, not rectangular; cab side drip rail disappears.
Phase IIg2- square door latches.

Phase IIh1- square door laches become standard, battery box covers become smaller, cab door stiffener appears.
Phase IIh2- separate front headlight casing, hinges on front numberboards appear.

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