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U33C Roster

GE's U33C - Original Owners

by David Thompson

375 US

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseAir FilterNotes
4BN5725-57282-3/7137685-37688IIf1ordered as CB&Q 578-581
9D&H754-7629,11-12/7037616-37624IIere# 663,664,657,665,653,654,660,652,662; 653 re# 658, 654 re# 659, 652 re# 661
6EL3301-33067/6836785-36790IIa3301-3303 to D&H 751-753 3/69; returned to EL 12/75; 3301-3306 to CR 6564-6569, then 6869-6874
9EL3307-33158/6937054-37062IIcfinanced by Dereco(N&W); to CR 6570-6578, then 6875-6883; returned to N&W 8/84
9GN2530-25385-7/6836776-36784IIato BN 5700-5708
6GN2539-25444/6937026-37031IIbto BN 5709-5714
2SJ Groves507,50810/6937366,37367IIcSJ Groves & Sons Construction, used on I-280 project; sold to BN 5764,5765 1/73
10IC5050-50594-5/6836690-36699IIato ICG, same nos.
4MILW8000-80031-2/6836504-36507IIaordered as U30C; re# 5700-5703
10NP3300-33097/6937118-37127IIbto BN 5715-5724
20PC6540-65592-4/6836670-36689IIaordered by PRR; to CR same nos., then 6845-6864
4PC6560-65636/6836864-36867IIato CR same nos., then 6865-6868; 6865,6866 to D&H 655,656 8-9/85
41SP8647-86872-5/7037181-37221IId8653, 8669 to SPMW same nos., standby generators;
8660 sold to NdeM 2/81, scrapped
24SP8714-873712/71-2/7238121-38144IIf18718 to NdeM 8987 3/81
15SP8585-859912/74-1/7539753-39767IIh1SP 8797,8798,8578-8584 (b/n 39744-39752) cancelled
U33C Phases

GE used a common body for the various U-boats, so this list is based on phases of the U30B.

Phase IIa- entire hood below the radiator is wider than the area ahead of it, radiator intakes are redesigned, the raised section on the radiator disappears, a horizontal drip rail appears on the sides of the radiator, short exhaust stack, large taper just ahead of the radiator, pipe chain guards at right front corner.

Phase IIb- the taper just ahead of the radiator disappears, six equipment doors on the left side instead of eight.

Phase IIc- the intake screens become corrugated instead of flat, and project slightly from the hood instead of being flush-mounted.

Phase IId- horizontal drip rail on the radiator disappears.

Phase IIe- built-up area on pilots disappears.

Phase IIf1- handrail notch in the stepwells becomes full length.

Phase IIg1- headlight casing becomes oval-shaped, not rectangular; cab side drip rail disappears.

Phase IIh1- square door laches become standard, battery box covers become smaller, cab door stiffener appears.

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