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U36B Roster

GE's U36B - Original Owners

by Robert Sarberenyi

125 US

Qty.RoadNumbersDateBuilder's #sPhaseAir FilterNotes
5AT4000-400411/7138031-38035IIf1paperAuto-Train; built to SCL specs; 4004 equipped with FB-2 trucks 1972; 4001,4004 wrecked and scrapped 3/73
5AT4005-400912/7238744-38748IIf1paperAuto-Train; built to SCL specs
3AT4010-40125/7439844-39846IIg1paperAuto-Train; built to SCL specs
4CR2971-297412/7440064-40067IIh1paperbuilt as AT 4013-4016 but never delivered; sold to CR 9/76, trucks changed to Type B before delivery
30SCL1748-17775-8/7037411-37440IIcpaperBlomberg trucks; 1776 re# 1813 5/71; to SBD same nos., then 5700-5727,5764,5729, then CSX
25SCL1778-18023-5/7137774-37798IId,IIe,IIf1paperBlomberg trucks; 1801 wrecked and scrapped; 1778-1800,1802 to SBD same nos., then 5730-5753, then CSX
1SCL17766/7137799IIf1paperBlomberg trucks; Bicentenial paint scheme; to SBD same no., then 5728, then CSX
10SCL1803-18126-8/7137800-37809IIf1paperBlomberg trucks; to SBD same nos., then 5754-5763, then CSX
21SCL1814-18349-12/7138036-38056IIf1paperBlomberg trucks; 1814 wrecked and scrapped; 1815-1834 to SBD same nos., then 5765-5784, then CSX
21SCL1835-18551-3/7238278-38298IIf1paperBlomberg trucks; to SBD same nos., then 5785-5805, then CSX
U36B Phases

GE used a common body for the various U-boats, so this list is based on phases of the U30B.

Phase II with the forward radiator intake mounted high had oil bath filters; low-mounted intake was for paper air filters.

Phase IIc- the intake screens become corrugated instead of flat, and project slightly from the hood instead of being flush-mounted.

Phase IId- horizontal drip rail on the radiator disappears.

Phase IIe- built-up area on pilots disappears.

Phase IIf1- handrail notch in the stepwells becomes full length.

Phase IIg1- headlight casing becomes oval-shaped, not rectangular; cab side drip rail disappears.

Phase IIh1- square door laches become standard, battery box covers become smaller, cab door stiffener appears.

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