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A Photo Album of Little Engines C.P. Huntington Models

Little Engines Catalog page. When I started buying parts many years ago I asked Moody Braun, the owner of Little Engines at the time,
what became of this model. Unfortunatly, he didn't know. The boxcar and gondola in the photo now belong to the Southern
California Live Steamers.

This C.P. Huntington appeared in the April 1957 Popular Mechanics magazine.
It appears to be the same locomotive that is in the Little Engines catalog.

This beautiful model belongs to Rob Robertson who bought off ebay.

Photo sent to me by Scott Reedy. Owner of this model is unknown.

C. P. Huntingon built by Leo Myers. Photo sent to me by Jim Alves.

From Denmark is this C. P. Huntington built by Mr. Hansen. Photo sent to me by Jim Alves.

This C.P.Huntington, owned by a member of the Riverside Live Steamers, is the only one that I have
seen running. The owner added extra weight behind the cowcatcher and in the water tank to increase
the traction. This allowed the locomotive to pull 4 people without too much difficulty. Coal and water
were carried on board the first car of the train. In the foreground is the frame of my locomotive painted
with brown primer.

C.P. Huntington owned by J. Monty. that was built between 1965 and 1970 by his father. The
locomotive was re-boilered in 1995, and rebuilt again in 2003.

Video of a C.P. Huntington running! J. Monty's C.P. Huntington is featured
for most of this video.

Photo by Harold Hueler

Here is a C.P. Huntington at the Los Angeles Live Steamers 2014 Spring Meet. Another
photo of this model running at the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers 2014 Spring Meet can
be seen here on Mike Massee's photography website.

This is not the Little Engines kit - it's a 1" scale C.P. Huntington. Photo sent to me by Scott Reedy.

I would be interested in hearing about any other Little Engines C.P. Huntington models. Just send your email to:

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