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Collection of Danforth and Cooke 4-2-4T photos.

This engine, pictured in front of the Danforth & Cooke factory, is thought to have been sold to the Central Railroad of New Jersey. Note that it's a 2-2-4T while all the others have the 4-2-4T wheel arrangement.
M & S R.R. locomotive "Middleburg". Image appears to be a builder's photo.
This appears to be same locomotive the one in the above photo, after several years of service. Railroad was located in the state of New York.
The C. P. Huntington's sister - Central Pacific #4 the
"T. D. Judah," named after the man who surveyed the Central Pacific's route across the Donner Pass.
Another photo of the "T. D. Judah." Originally a 4-2-4T like the C. P. Huntington, this engine was later rebuilt into a 4-2-2 with a tender by the Central Pacific.
The "C. W. Ainsworth" ran the Oregon Steam Navigation Line.
The "D. F. Bradford" also served the Oregon Steam Navigation Line.
Locomotive number 190 of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern.
This Danforth and Cooke 4-2-4T was built in 1856 with a larger boiler for the Renssalaer & Saratoga.
Danforth and Cooke 4-2-4T rebuilt in 1877 into the inspection locomotive "Monitor" by the New York and Hudson River Railroad.
More photos will be posted as I find them or as time allows.