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4' X 4' Folding Layout

This layout set in Southern California 1890's era. I like the small locomotives and cars of this period and they run well on the sharp curves of my railroad. The layout features a double track main line that enters from the right side and swings past some industries and a small yard. Just after the entrance to the yard the two tracks merge into a single track main line before disappearing under the bridge on the left. The back of the layout has no scenery and can be folded down when the layout is not in use. It will have an extension of the yard that can also be used as staging tracks. The various tracks can also be used to run three trains at once, each on its own circle of track.

The layout takes up only two by four feet when folded up and since it is on wheels it can easily be rolled into a corner for storage. The two photos on the bottom right show the folding section in both the down and up position.

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