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Remarks initiated 3-15-04

The book design is by Catherine Nemitz, who did an outstanding job in capturing the graphic spirit of Visual Redesign (and thanks to Bob Yanosey for the especially appropriate paper ephemera used in conjunction with the photos, especially the red white and blue fare table and timetable).

pp. 20-21 Help in identifying location and direction on this photo would be welcome. The three MEC empties visible in the train make it appear more likely to be an eastbound rather than the westbound speculated about in the caption.

p. 31 The date of the photo at the top with the Visual Redesign paint scheme applied to the tower is March, 1968, implausible as it seems that the tower was painted in the winter. The dating is from the slide mounts and there is no reason to doubt it.

p.43 This is a westbound train, symbol unknown, not eastbound as the caption has it.

p.57 (top) The caption is confusing. What I meant to say was that it appeared that between the time of the photo on p. 128 (1973) and the time of the photo on p. 57 (1977) the paddleboxes which are evident in the 1973 picture were removed. This would have been necessary in order to get three tracks on the deck (see p. 122). Alternatively, this might have been the hull of the Huron. I seached diligently for information on the identity of the tug (or tugs) and the barge (or barges) but nobody has put up anything about them on the web that I could find. Since a ferry operation continued at Detroit until 1990, there may well have been a tug-barge combination at each place, with Lansdowne's hull in use at Detroit and Huron's at Port Huron.

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