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The Jiquay Railway and Navigation Company carries freight in interchange with the following roads:

Montreal Live Steamers Corporation My club, lifetime commitment.

CPR Fan modelling page My best friend through elementary and high school tracked me down after 20 years, through the Web.

Taizé Prayer, France Do you ever get to a place where you can know with absolute certainty that God does exist?

The Ultimate Steam Pages How much have steam locomotives developed in technology since the last Mainline Steam ran in North America, over 40 years ago?

Le Relais Mont Royal Un petit tranche de paradis chez moi.

World Covered Bridge Registry Hurry up and see them, because they are disappearing fast! Appendix 2003 - TOO LATE. The website has disappeared.

Waushakum Live Steamers, Boston area There's a reason this link is next to Covered Bridges...

The Patterson Family Comics that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Lynn Johnston for a Pulitzer Prize in Literature!

Live Steam Magazine has sparked dreams over the years, and provided several photos here...
Japanese Narrow Gauge 2-6-2T. Mr. Watanabe does nice work. This is a how-to-build-one site, that takes you step-by-step from concept to running engine.

Le chemin de fer du Vivarais French Ardoise metre-gauge Mallet tank engines barking up steep grades through incredible mountains at the head of a mixed train. What a closure to a trip to Taizé!

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