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History of Hullo Central #18




first run - June 8, 1981.

Note the Highline construction in the background.The more things change, the more they stay the same!!




Hullo Central #18 was built in Jim Turnbull's NDG shops from 1976 to 1980. Old Jim built 38 engines in total, up to and sometimes exceeding a locomotive a year, but he took four years on this one and sold it to Dad when it was still incomplete. Just because a guy is 90 years old gives him no reason to stop working. It had been started by somebody else, too, and Old Jim got a set of frames and a bunch of scrap metal out of the original deal - that is all he kept.




circa 1988 - tender built in Hullo Central shops, water tank and British cab still on it, spring-buffers removed and painted Tremclad Flat Black. (That shine on the smokebox is cylinder oil.)






Jim Turnbull didn't build fancy engines. He took a piece of metal, and whatever doesn't look like steam locomotive gets cut off. He built a Shay, two Beyer-Garratts, four identical Tenwheelers, a couple of Pacifics, a Northern, a Consolidation, and only one Mogul. Hopefully, someday we can have a Turnbull Mogul triple-header!



August 1994, there is another generation to learn firing up! New aluminium cab (Turnbull casting) and boiler "temporarily" stripped and painted with trusty Tremclad








That last line will require some explanation. There are three "Turnbull" Moguls on the 7 1/4" rails in Canada. Old Jim's grandson, Jim Leggett, has the one built in 1973. We have the one converted from an 0-6-0 (1980), and Jim's brother Harry moved to Toronto and provided Bill Clothier with castings and what plans there were, so that he could build a Mogul, too.




Circa 1997 - boiler lagged with sheet steel and painted rich blue auto paint, cast iron domes added, headlight lit with 2 "D" cells in "air tank" under running board. Cab lighting is red "LED" to maintain night vision.








It spent the winter of '95 in John Vincent's shop in Toronto, getting the modifications needed to finalise the "Mogul:" the frame extended and the lead truck and domes installed.


And now, it is back in the shops yet again, getting the boiler replaced, new valve gear, valves, ashpan, and various other parts that have worn out in 19 years of heavy passenger hauling.



Cette image est dédié a la mémoire d'Isabelle Lutz (1961-2002) et en communion de prière avec toutes les femmes, victimes de la violence domestique