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Best Runs Ever

Greatest Runs of All Time

A conversation around the club the other day, got me thinking about the best runs I have ever had in Live Steam.  This is not intended as an information page, but rather as a stimulus to get you thinking about YOUR best runs.  The track layout at Cedars may have changed since a number of these took place, but I will make reference to the distances involved where necessary.







Polaroid shot of a brand-new locomotive.

September 1973: George Lovett runs alongside the Highline as a nine-year-old kid (me) pulls his very first throttle on a Live Steamer: George's Tich.

October 1976: Harry Turnbull sits behind me on the tender of his 7-1/4" Tenwheeler as I do all the throttle, firing, and running to haul gravel on a workday.




Jimbo keeps his toes clenched so the toenails don't fall off.



ten feet out, when I realise I am 60 lbs too heavy.



My brother, Roy, does some night running.
He couldn't see a thing after the photo flash