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Big Boy 4012 Detail Photos 2

BigBoy #4012 Detail Photos
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BigBoy 4012

Presently, BigBoy #4012 resides at the SteamTown National Historical Site in Scranton PA. The following is an archive geared specifically at those special few involved in the construction of a scale model of the Union Pacific Bigboy. These photos represent a small grouping of my total collection of detailed BigBoy photos usable in the construction of a scale model. If you are interested in more photos of higher quality prints of those in this section of the BigBoy Information Center, please feel free to Email me at

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Left side of trailing truck.

Left side of locomotive to tender connections. Note the automatic steam powered coal auger.

Left side of tender.

Lead truck of tender detailing brake system.

Right side of centipeed tender truck.

Detailed shot of Timkin Journal of centipeed tender truck.

Cab Backhead

Cab Backhead

Cab Backhead


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