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Basic Information

The JLS Railroad Club was formed in March of 1997. It started out as a very informal club with 2 members. The club remained in this very immature state for almost a year after such period rapid growth ensued with the recruitment of new members. With construction of the helix and H-Yard tightening it's grip on the railroad and expansion on the minds of the membership, the club charter was formed, later followed by the Club Bylaws. That was the start of the JLS Railroad Club. At this point, we are nationally registered with the NMRA, or, National Model Railroad Association. Check the Club Members Directory to see information on the members.


Membership Fee

The JLS Railroad has a small yearly membership fee of $10.


Run Days

The JLS Railroad has regular Operating Sessions every Thursday night from 6:30pm till midnight. When there is an ongoing project, the Operating Sessions are replaced with a Work Session. These informal gatherings allow members to participate in any construction on the layout. For information on the operations of the JLS Railroad, click here.


Work Days

Work Sessions are usually just a replacement of the Thursday night Operating Session when there is an ongoing project. Those members in attendance are given a job or sub-project to accomplish by an officer or a committee head. These sessions are kept very informal, after all we are not running a labor camp. The atmosphere is usually very light and relaxing as the various tasks are completed. Furthermore, members find that they acquire new skills and techniques during these Work Sessions that they can add to their repertoire. Various members who display skill in a particular area are nominated to head a committee. The head of a particular committee becomes in charge of that particular area allowing for the ability to make decisions and plan projects of his own.


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