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Long Island Live Steamers Directions

Directions to the Long Island Live Steamers

Here is a basic map to the Long Island Live Steamers as well as basic directions following the map. To find out when we are running, click here for the Operating Schedule.

Directions from Sunrise Highway.............

If you are taking Sunrise Highway, head east to exit 57N. Once there, get off and make your first right which will be Victory Avenue. Now, the first turn you can make once you get off is to get back on the highway, you don't want that, you want to ride the trains, not go home! So, you want to make the first right that doesn't put you back on the highway. Once you made the turn, go about 1/2 mile. You'll come to Gerrard road, make that left (onto Gerrard road). Now, traveling north on Gerrard road go another 1/2 mile and you'll see a big sign on the right saying Long Island Live Steamers, directly in front of a dirt road. Make that right, park in the lot on the right and have fun!

Directions from the Long Island Expressway...............

If you are taking the Long Island Expressway out to the track, the directions are a little different. Take the LIE to exit 68 and head south. The road you will be heading south on is called the William Floyd Parkway, or route 46. Continue heading south on the William Floyd Parkway until you get to Victory Avenue. Turn right on Victory Avenue. After about 1 mile, you'll get to Gerrard road, make a right onto Gerrard road. Now travel north on Gerrard road for about 1/2 mile until you see the big Long Island Live Steamers sign on your right. The sign is directly in front of a dirt road, make a left onto the dirt road, park in the parking lot on the right and have a nice train ride!


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