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Train Mountain Railroad Museum
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These pictures were all taken at Train Mountain Railroad Museum in Oregon. I'll start off by saying Train Mountain is the wrong name for the place, it should have been called Train Heaven. 26 miles of track, not scale miles either, real miles! Minimum time to go around layout (without hitting every piece of track): 3 hours, if you hit every piece of track: 5 hours easy! This is THE nicest layout / club I have EVER seen anywhere. Words can't describe it, so, enjoy the photos.

Train Mountain Logo

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Arriving at Train Mountain, you first see the club house

The back of the club house with the little snack bar

Here is the enormous turntable (48' deck) and steaming bay

Another shot of the turntable and steaming bay. As large as this is, Train Mountain is in the process of building a second turntable with a 55' deck and 66 stalls!

The main yard, the large building is the car storage, engine storage and machine shop all in one

Shot of the car storage section of the building, big enough to fit about 250 cars or more!

The back end of the car storage area


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