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JLS Railroad Assorted Pictures

Assorted Pictures

Assorted Pictures that didn't fit anywhere else, but, have a train theme.


The birthplace of this site

Pentium III 600mhz Xeon Processor, 512MB RAM, 512MB 133mhz cache, 21" Flat Screen Monitor, 2 22GIG Hard Drives, 2GIG Jaz Drive, 70GIG SCSI Tape Backup Drive, 6.0x DVDrom, 24x CD burner, APC Smart-Ups 1400 Backup Generator, Sun Micro Systems Server (left screen, right cpu in picture)

66mhz, 16MB RAM, 512MB cache 17" monitor, 800MB Hard Drive, 1.2GIG Hard Drive, 2GIG Hard Drive NEC Custom PC (right screen, left cpu in picture)



One of our 5 cats, Fluff, dreaming of Uintah

Yes, Fluff is fat, he is 24lbs


Fluff Relaxing, pondering the world around him



Another of our 5 cats, Bovine, getting into trouble on the layout


A shot of another of our cats, Fat Mama
(understand why we call her that??)


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