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JLS Railroad Operating Session on January, 31 2002

JLS Railroad Operating Session
January 31, 2002

The following photos were taken during a typical Thursday evening's Operating Session. Although the "theme" for this particular evening's run was to achieve a "European flavor" through mixed freights utilizing only European style equipment, the members just couldn't resist running the Uintah 2-6-6-2t around the H-Yard's sharp curves. Enjoy...

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The evening's crew (from left to right): Randy Knaub, Frank Bagnati, and Skip Densing

The Uintah 2-6-6-2t rounding the lead into the H-Yard

Another shot of the Uintah 2-6-6-2t entering the H-Yard

The "European flavor" mixed freight train

Frank Bagnati and Skip Densing hard at work operating the 2nd Line and H-Yard, respectively


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