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JLS Railroad Ground Line Reverse Loop

Ground Line Reverse Loop

The following extension was planned by Randy Knaub and carried out by Skip Densing and Jonathan Landon (myself). Prior to this extension, in order to turn a train around, from Southbound (our normal direction of travel) to Northbound, or visa versa, a lengthy trip up the Helix was necessary to access the large reverse loop atop the table in the H-Yard. If a fast turn-around was needed, this much traveling proved to take too much time. With the addition of this simple set of turnouts, an interchange was formed between the 2nd and 3rd Line, forming a reverse loop due to their arrangement.

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A shot looking North of the new interchange. The 3rd Line is on the left, the 2nd Line on the right.

A shot from above of the interchange

A low shot looking South of the interchange



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