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JLS Railroad Helix Wiring

JLS Railroad Helix & H-yard Wiring

These are pictures of the wiring process during the Helix and H-yard Construction. 84 boxes of LGB wire were used, that equates into a little more then 1 mile of wire! Believe it or not!

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Initial stages of wiring saw a bunch of wires all over the table

As the process of wiring up the H-yard continued, the wires moved to the floor

A close up of the wires in the Infrared Control Panel
I still don't know how I fit them all in!

Another shot of the IR Control Panel

A neater view of the entire control center

A finished view of the Control Center

The wiring under the Control Center

If you can make it out of not, the main bus, this artery carries most of the wires from the Control Center to the rest of the Helix and H-yard

A picture of the Control Center for the Helix and H-yard as well as the wrap around controls for everything else on the floor


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