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JLS Railroad Project: Helix Electrical Upgrade

JLS Railroad Project:
Helix, H-Yard, M-Yard, G-Block
Electrical Upgrade
COMPLETED: April 27, 2002

Completed pictures and information on the Helix, H-Yard, M-Yard, G-Block Electrical Upgrade.....

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A small sample of the parts that went into the creation of the boxes pictured below. You can see 2 unfinished boxes in the photo with just the track schematic painted on them

The completed Trolley Line control box with additional controls for G1 and G2 blocks, MainLine, 2nd Line, 3rd Line and LED readouts for various blocks around the layout

The H-Yard readout panel and control box

The completed Helix Leg Panel Box, controlling the entire Helix and M-Yard as well as block status readout


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