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JLS Railroad BachMann Climax

JLS Railroad Custom BachMann

I am a member of the Large Scale OnLine, or LSOL. I have been frequenting the LSOL website for about 3 years now, never having been a member. I finally got around to sending in my membership in June, knowing nothing about any contest to win a BachMann Climax with your own custom logo! Well, 2 weeks later, 2 WEEKS, I receive a letter stating I had won a Climax. Well, like all people who win something (unless they are overly gullible), I said something to the effect of "I'll believe it when I see it". Then BachMann contacted me, I knew it was real at that point. Over the next few weeks, we came up with the logo for the JLS Railroad to be placed on the side of the Climax, and the engine number: 31 (my 31st engine, click here for the JLS Railroad Motive Power Roster). About a month and a half later, after first having been notified I had won, the Climax arrives on my doorstep. Here it is....

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A shot from the side of my Climax

As you can see, BachMann did a superb job of detailing the engine and the logo

Climax #31, my 31st engine

A shot of the front


A very nice job, I am impressed

Here is a final picture of the Climax in its showcase


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