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JLS Railroad P4 Passing Siding Extension

P4 Passing Siding Extension

The following extension was planned and carried out by Joe Barcia, Skip Densing and Randy Knaub. The point of this small extension was to alleviate traffic on the MainLine during heavy switching operations in the W and E yards as well as help ease the congestion during North and South bound operations. The extension was a success, going in quickly and smoothly, all due to the skill of those JLS Railroad Club Members involved.

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An overview of the extension, here you can see the new track crossing over the 3rd Line back onto the Main.

A shot of the extension looking North.

A closeup of the first trains passing through the new trackage. From left to right, you will see the P4 Passing Siding, the 3rd Line and the MainLine.

Our highly skilled work force. From front to back: Joe Barcia, Skip Densing and Randy Knaub.


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