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JLS Railroad TrainShow: December 22, 2001

JLS Railroad TrainShow
December 22nd, 2001

The following are photos taken at the December 22nd, 2001 JLS Railroad TrainShow. We ran from 12PM till 5PM that day, roughly 40 to 45 people attended the Show. Although many people didn't show up, partly due to the show's close proximity to Christmas, everything ran smoothly making this year's JLS Railroad TrainShow a complete success. I'd just like to thank the following people who assisted throughout the show, allowing everything to run as smoothly as it did: Joe Barcia, Skip Densing, George Quiles, Chris Lusardi, Randy Knaub, Jason & Ralph Lombardo, Frank Bagnati, Keith Denton, and Warren Sanger. Enjoy the photos...

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A view of the crowd around 2PM. Unusually, not many people showed up this year until about 1PM, where in the past many people arrived right at the start of the show, in this case 12PM.

Skip Densing and myself, two of the three engineer's. The third, Joe Barcia, was unavailable at the time this photo was taken.

The arrangement of equipment in the garage as well as the "snack table", everyone's favorite "display". In the background, you can see Randy Knaub, Ralph & Jason Lombardo, ready to attack the snacks after everyone left at the end of the show.

As you can see, a few pieces of 1.6" Scale Rolling Stock were on display in the garage.

One of the LARGE scale items on display was this small 1.6" Scale Bobber Caboose I am presently scratch building.


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